Summer Reading

I, along with much of the world, was appalled to see George Floyd’s death. The senseless and unnecessary brutality of that act was beyond any explanation or excuse. I vote. I slow down or stop when the police have a Black teen pulled over or out of the car. I believe in working to make the world a better place. All of that represents a lifetime of doing what I can. Clearly, this has not been enough.

This summer, I am reading/watching/listening to the books, documentaries and movies, and interviews that will not only give me greater insight into the scope and nuances of an experience other than my own but also will give me some idea of what I can do that will make this an actual tipping point rather than a “moment.” Please join me in getting up to speed – even more thoroughly than we may think we are – on all aspects of this moment in America’s history.

As I write this, The New York Times released this breaking news: “A veto-proof majority of the Minneapolis City Council pledged on Sunday to dismantle the city’s Police Department.” I have no idea what this will entail. I have no idea if this will work. I just know we must try something new. As literary-minded people who have been appalled by the tales of characters like Jean Valjean, how can we not be outraged and moved to the creation of a new paradigm by the unequivocal injustice done to George Floyd over a $20 bill?

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