The Hubley Case Delivers

The Hubley Case is definitely a book that’s worth your time! How can it miss, with a murder to start and plenty of action through to the end?

I have to admit. I’m a sucker for a good opening. Within the space of a little more than two pages you discover, learn about, and watch as Peter Hubley dies. Nothing that we know about him would warrant this treatment, yet there he is on the airport floor. Soon after, his killers are also dead. Organized crime takes the credit, but that doesn’t answer the most obvious question – why?

FBI Special Agent Nikki Benton is put to the task of finding answers. The main drawback of this assignment is that she’s not sure why she’s on the case. It’s also not clear to her, or us, that she is being given all the information and support she needs. A well-written character, Benton’s uncertainty and difficulties with the macho attitude of her fellow Special Agents transcend stereotypical casting of the female agent fighting for her place. She’s someone we can identify with. We share her frustration and need for information. When she’s not given what she needs, it pushes the tension level up another notch.

The pace of the book remains fast, with an assortment of theories and well-placed twists occurring throughout. The action doesn’t detract from the central question: What was there about Hubley, a married father of two and international businessman, that led to his murder?

By the time you reach the final pages, you’ll be ready J. Lee’s next book.

The Hubley Case
J. Lee



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