Ann Smiley

I’ve been reading Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by John Le Carré. I’ve read the books prior to this, as well as A Legacy of Spies. It strikes me that in this book, Ann is a much more clearly defined character than in other works. Smiley’s feelings about Ann are also shared with the reader.

Up until now, it’s been flatly stated that Ann steps out on George. There hasn’t been any emotional content to that, that I’ve been aware of. In TTTS, the way George feels is expressed so well that I was in a funk the other day and not sure why. It occurred to me that before I’d read, I’d been happy enough. After reading for a bit, I was feeling like the world was just not a very happy place! Counting back, it was evident that the cause of my dissatisfaction was George’s revelations about Ann. It made me feel for George on an entirely new level.

I’d always expected that Ann was a double agent or something. It didn’t make much sense that there would be a wife who was so out-of-the-norm for the women of her time to be the spouse of a major character in a series. It still strikes me as odd, but now at least the facts-of-Ann have provided a depth to Smiley that was missing.

What do you think?

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