The Three-Body Problem

The Three-Body Problem blends Quantum Mechanics and Classical Physics into a story with a fascinating premise. The characters and plot, combined with the science, make this first book in the series, one you must read. I rate this a 4/5. 

Plot: So you send out a signal and now someone wants to annihilate you. Sounds like a Stephen Hawking premise come to life. Right?

Craft: The writing is strong and flows well. Nice use of description and dialogue.

Technology: I am so thrilled with the use of technology in this book that it makes me a bit teary-eyed. The addition of Einstein with the world’s tiniest violin proclaiming that God has rolled the dice, is just too good!

Characters: The characters are nicely realized. They have distinct voices and personalities. They come from a variety of backgrounds.

Cultural References: The Cultural Revolution is the backdrop of the start of this book. It is a Chinese-centric view of the world. It brings a new spin to sci-fi.

Bottom Line: The first half of the book was impressive. The second half felt a bit silly at times. However, I would read this again because it was original and gripping. Also, because it sets the stage for The Dark Forest.

Author: Cixin Liu

Awards: Hugo Award, 2015

Series: Remembrance of Earth’s Past

Order in series: 1 of 3

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