The Dark Forest

The Dark Forest is hands down the best work of sci-fi I’ve ever read – and that’s saying something. The characters and plot, combined with the science, make this an unbelievable work. I rate this a 5/5. Go. Read. It. Now.

Plot: The race to same Earth and humans is on. From one improbable solution to the next, the characters and science hold your attention and keep you racing to the end of a masterful work that doesn’t disappoint.

Craft: The writing is a bit strained at the start. Frankly, I nearly set it aside because it felt more like the characters were giving speeches than interacting. Once all the important info has been imparted, Liu hits his stride. The writing kicks in and the narrative takes off.

Technology: I’m not a fan of technology for technology’s sake. The technology in this book is fully integrated into the plot. The juxtaposition of Quantum and Classical Physics was fascinating.

Characters: All of the very best characters from The Three-Body Problem are here, along with new characters that are fully realized and help to create this world. Political factors are in play as well.

Cultural References: Liu incorporates the work of other iconic sci-fi authors – with full credit – as part of the landscape for this work.

Bottom Line: The world presented here is a fully realized world. The technology, morality, gender roles, aspirations, space travel … It’s all here. It’s like reading a book with everything you ever wanted to see in one work, plus a lot you never imagined.

Author: Cixin Liu

Series: Remembrance of Earth’s Past

Order in series: 2 of 3

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