Instant Messages

a-thoughtI read a lot of fiction and nonfiction. Poetry – not so much. When I do read poetry, I tend toward a mix of Eliot and Ashbury with some other works mixed in. Given that, it was truly a pleasant surprise to discover Instant Messages.

This volume, by lowellgm, has several different types of poetry and non-traditional forms. In fact, the description calls it “a new kind of writing, a mashup of straightforward and accessible poetry, koan-like brain teasers, the delicate observations of Haiku, the terseness of texts, surprise on-liners, daily mumblings, text-based art, and aphorisms of penetrating insight.”

I wasn’t sure if anything could live up to that description, but I was delighted to find that the writing is strong. The works are moving and impressive. Overall, this is definitely worth a read.

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