Hello world!

I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t read. In fact, one of my earliest memories was of trying to join the “big girls” while they read. Since I could only read if I read aloud, they understandably were not in the least bit interested in having me join them. What could I do? I took my book and went and read to myself in a nearby tree.

It seems I’ve always had a book I couldn’t wait to read. First it was fiction, then mysteries, then science, then nonfiction — the list is long and I’ve enjoyed it all. Except for the books that were seriously not up to par in my estimation.

So. Let’s talk books! What are you reading? What are you reading next? What do you listen to versus what you must read? What do you read on an ereader versus what you read with book in hand?

I’m seriously curious!

– Gina

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